Dear future rock-star photographer,

It is no secret that people spend the most on their wedding photography, Can your photography business benefit from hundreds of such high paying wedding photography clients?
If the answer is yes, I know you’ll find this letter to be extremely valuable. Because in the following pages, I’m going to show you exactly how to double or even triple your photography skills almost overnight, get as many clients as you’d like at the fees you want and gain the fame and recognition you deserve as a wedding photographer!

"I want say that the digital wedding secrets is awesome and full of details to help you capture a wedding. Additionally, Nick and his responses have been awesome!". Overall a great experience!!

- Robert Lopez, GA, US

Are all your photography gigs as good as you want them to be? Are you always getting the fees you’d like or deserve … and the respect for your results?

And even if you are doing alright, wouldn’t you like to earn 3 to 4 times more while working only a quarter of what you’re doing now? (Or even less).

 One of my clients did just that. And by applying what he learned in Wedding Photography Secrets, he made $91.412, 45 last year (before taxes) and got featured in two photography magazines! While this is the best outcome I’ve encountered yet, most of those who’ve took a leap of faith and tried it experienced a 200 – 350% increase in your customer base, income and their photos look far, far better now than before.

The #1 Myth That Is Killing the Wedding Photographer in You …

You know, just like other thing in life, becoming a professional wedding photographer is not easy.

It’s not enough to be passionate about it and take a few photos here and a few there. It’s not enough to get a few gigs and photograph your relatives for petty cash.

Getting from where you are right now to where you want to be sometimes seems as a hopeless and impossible road. And if you are like me, you’ve spent entire days just thinking about this.

     - What type of flash, camera, lenses do I use for wedding photography?
     - How do I shoot in low light church conditions?
     - What camera settings should I use?
     - How to set my wedding photography pricing?
     - How do I market and get my first client?
     - How do I build a portfolio to show to brides?
     - How do you get your name out there so people know you are a wedding photographer?
     - How do you create those wow pictures and albums?

And of course, at one point or another, you were ready to give up. You may have said “that’s enough, I just can’t do it” and you were ready to throw the towel.

I’m glad you didn’t.

And to get from where you are to where you want to be you don’t need a miracle. You don’t need magic.

You only need a good blueprint of the few but essential skills required in taking photos, clients and building an identity. That’s all.

And that’s exactly what Digital Wedding Secrets is doing. Not only that it will give you every habit and step-by-step procedure you need to take in order to get results you’ve never thought before … but it also acts as a plan for building your ideal photography business – without spending a fortune or hiring a high paid consultant.

Would You Like To Live A Rock-Star Wedding Photographer Lifestyle?

Think just for a second … imagine you are a professional wedding photographer.

Imagine that everywhere you go; you can take quality pictures that seem out of this world.

Imagine that you have more customers than you can really take.

Imagine that your name is known every time someone wants to hire a wedding photographer.

Imagine traveling to exotic locations for shooting weddings.

Not bad? Then that’s exactly what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to show you the exact tricks, tips and methodologies for everything, starting with how to shoot bride beautifully to how to advertise on Google (on a small budget). And when I mean everything, it’s really everything.

And once you’ve implemented even 10% about these techniques in your life, money or the lack of money will not likely be a concern ever again!



Here’s The Most Comprehensive Wedding Photography Course Ever!

Why stress free wedding photography is critical to your financial future … and how a quick insight into the mindset of your clients will help get ahead any other photographer very fast!

How to use wedding photography to capture emotions instead of just plain moments and how to combine the science and art for spectacular results.

Questions to your biggest seven questions about wedding photography and busting myths about what makes a good photo session in the eyes of your customer.

How to use "Pre-visualization" to take breath-taking pictures!

The one most common mistake all photographers do when it comes to filling the frame (and they ruin almost all photos with this) and one quick technique to keep proportions right in any situation.

How to use the power of close-ups to capture timeless moments ... and when to use full body pictures for a better effect.

The only time when framing is not only recommended but critical ... and if you avoid it, your pictures will look bleak and boring!

How to use the "Rule of Three" to capture captivating moments with ease ... especially when you want to focus on a visual interest point (like the bride or the groom)!

Three tricks to better capture emotions in pictures ... which almost no other photographers are using (master only the first one and you'll increase your value tenfold)

How to prevent your photos being confusing by using the right color techniques ... and the biggest mistakes you should avoid when it comes to colors!

How to avoid falling into the "equipment myth" ... and several techniques on how to use cheap equipment to take amazing photos! (Do this and you'll never have to spend a small fortune on expensive cameras).

Nine features any DSLR camera should have if you want to do wedding photography ... and why the most expensive cameras are totally inappropriate for this field!

Visit this one website and you won't have to worry about which camera is best for you ever again ... especially if you're on a tight budget.

The disadvantages of investing in a medium format camera ... and the only scenario in which you could actually use it!

How to take care of your SD cards ... so you'll never encounter corrupted files or errors again (countless photographers lost their reputation and money just because an SD card refused to work when they've got home).

The three basic lenses you should have in order to take wedding photography ... and which lenses will just prove a huge waste of money.

A few special tricks to use lighting to your advantage without expensive studio equipment ... or without bothering your clients' set-up!

Which you should pick external battery packs or rechargeable batteries? There's only one answer right when taking wedding photography ...

The accessory you must use in a dimly lit churched to avoid blurry photos!

The scenario in which a tripod will help you take better pictures ... and why it's best to leave it most of the time at home!

One 30 cents accessory you must always have in your pocket or baggage ... and which can turn around a potential disaster (this is so intuitive and simple but almost no photographer does it).

The three professional traits you must express at the phone when looking for clients ... and which will make 9 out of 10 come to you (and the other one probably isn't truly interested).

The essential list of things you must always prepare when meeting with a potential client ... and how to remove anything from your environment that may be a deal-breaker.

One rapport breaker that will make every customer rejects you ... and why almost all photographers are doing it unconsciously!

Three signals that your customer will give when he's not interested and you're only losing your time (use these three signals to understand that you won't be hired and just move to the next one).

How to protect yourself from lawsuits or other damages down the road with this five step agreement (this had saved countless photographers from mad clients who broke their equipment or refused to pay).

Something you must do two to eight weeks before the actual wedding several times ... no matter how experienced you think you are!

The six steps you must take to ensure that this will be a surprise free wedding!

How to effectively take photos of the bride and groom getting ready ... without violating their intimacy or making them feel bad! (This requires a lot deal of talent but it will pay off almost more than anything else).

The right flash setting for low light conditions without blinding everyone else ... and still capture extraordinary photos!

The best two places for formal shots with the bride and her family!

One technique to maximize the photos with the groom alone ... especially when you have little or no time on your hand (you'll have 4 to 5 more times with the bride).

One easy trick to shoot at 1/20th or 1/15th and still have a sharp and beautiful image.

How to use flash without annoying everyone present at the ceremony (there's nothing worse than being blinded several times).

The etiquette rule you must consider at every ceremony that you are supposed to know!

The most important photo for the bride ... and how to make it the masterpiece of your album!

How to take perfect photos after the ceremony ... even if it will be very hard to get a clear shot of the groom and bride!

The ten portrait shots you must not miss at every wedding ... and how to make them memorable!

How to determine the ideal length of time suitable for photos session without ruining the wedding.

How to determine the ideal length of time for taking photos at every wedding ... without disturbing your clients.

Seven over-looked locations for taking break-taking photos with little or no effort!

Proven techniques to use your client's personality to add a personal touch to your photos.

Three crazy poses every couple should try ... and which will make a memorable moment years after the wedding (warning: these are not for everyone).

A two minute trick to enhance the lighting in your scenes dramatically!

Three steps to take quality photos in dark environments without lighting so you won't make your clients uncomfortable (plus, many churches prevent the use of flash).

How to enrich your photos through the power of elements ... and never have a photo that seems "too empty" again!

How to capture emotions and create dramatic scenes using the right angles ...

A step-by-step technique to use the zoom perfectly ... and focus on the elements that really matters for your clients!

How to make your clients feel comfortable in the front of the camera and reduce or remove their anxiety!

The six photos you must not ignore at any reception ... and the 15 usually missed things you must photograph at any wedding!

How to practice your skill for pennies before the actual wedding (it's never a good idea to go into a wedding without practicing first)!

The eight candid photos you must not forget about ... and the six preparation moments you must immortalize with great care ...

How to take great candid shots and one way to minimize chances for something to ruin your photos!

The eight aspects you must consider when studying other's photographers portfolios if you want to learn from them ...

The perfect number of images to show to your clients after the wedding ... if you want to finish this fast and easy (and not bore them).

One Photoshop trick that you amaze your clients ... and improve the quality of your photos dramatically.

The one Photoshop command that will reduce your actual time editing by 50 75%.

Six websites where you can find millions of Photoshop tools, so you don't have to buy them (I'm using scripts from these websites for years now).

An 11 step process of improving any photo in Photoshop dramatically ... and transform even the ugliest photo into a masterpiece.

The seven album software you should use to create professional and beautiful photo albums in less than 30 minutes.

How to avoid losing 75% of your payment with this common mistake!

Two extra services you can offer for some extra money after taking the photos ... and which your clients will love!

The number one, most critical things you must do when opening your photography business.

How to build an ideal business plan with this ten step guide.

How to get tons of clients with the help of Google for free!

One quick trick you can use to rank high in search engines even if you have no technical skill or budget for optimization!

The two things you must have on your website but most photographers omit.

The best start-up camera you can buy ... and which will be your best companion for years to come.

Why a portfolio is so important and the four most important components if you want your clients to be blown away by it!

A small psychological trick to involve your clients into the portfolio presentation.

Why making a sales pitch is not a good idea and what is the best way to sell your services

Six cheap and creative ways to advertise your business right now ... without any marketing skills required!

The most important tool in wedding photography marketing.

How to purchase advertising space in such way that you'll get the best results with as little costs as possible.

When to send an email or postcard to your clients so you won't turn them off ... (most photographers tend to send way too many cards or emails and they lose valuable referrals due to this)!

Four additional crazy services you can offer at every wedding ... that almost no other photographer is offering (and your clients will love it)!

What to consider before pricing yourself and what is the perfect price for your level of expertise or skill.

How to earn more by creating a "value package" instead of selling individual services ...

Is lowering your prices a way to get your first client? The answer may surprise you ...

How to make sure you'll actually get paid and protect yourself from clients who will refuse to pay you.

How to maximize the efficiency of your business so you can spend as much time photographing and less time in administrative tasks.

Plus much, much more!


However, I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves. That’s why before we move any further (and you’ll love what I have to say soon), I want to write a few words of myself and why I am qualified to talk with you today.


Here are just a few examples of how other people succeeded using my books and mentorship:

I just want to thank you for all the help that you offered. Your book has been outstanding and worth every penny that it promised. I feel more confident after taking the lessons. They are simple and easy to understand and helped me improve my technique ten times. I am glad that you covered all the topics. The learning process has been enjoyable and valuable as I can see the improvement! I am thrilled with having tripled the clientele in just 2 months. I can't believe I have doubled my previous earnings! Your business ideas are amazing. Thanks again for putting this together...

- Jenny Holmes, Humble, TX  

I want to thank you for this. The wedding photographs I took after reading your book came out absolutely fantastic! Before going through your course, the pictures I took were uninspiring and dull. I had no real technique of taking wedding photographs; for there was hardly any real course or information available on how to do it right. However, since going through your course, I managed not only taking great photographs - but capture those special wedding moments as well! Truly, the only person I can give credit to is you. I am looking forward to getting more clients and growing my business.

- Victor Lee, DE  

Cheers Nick!!!! Thank you so much for all the great tips you have given me for wedding photography, I have shot a few weddings and have another coming in May!!! many of the tips you have given I have used before but many are new to me and I look forward to putting them into practice soon...I do look forward to reading your news and get more confident in having some tricks up my sleeve to capture those special moments!!

- Marie

Thanks for having sent all the digital wedding secrets in my mail. I have really appreciated for the commitment shown so far.

- James

you have some great ideas which will really help our business

Hi nick
Many thanks, by the way you have some great ideas which will really help our business

- Sandra

Hello Mr Nick,,
i'm a photographer in my country,studio photographer, i want to be a wedding photographer so i am happy to get your email and read about the Digital Wedding Secrets but i want to tell you that my english language is not well so excuse me for it, i am trying for learning english day by day, i have finished my photo's diploma by New york Institute of Photography in my country saudi arabia ,but they did not teach me the lighting very well because we did not have the Equipment necessary to do that, so i am doing self learning for lighting by the internet tutorials, and i hope to contact you to learn and take advantage. thank you very much sara


You're so right about planning for candid shots. The definition of luck is preparation+opportunity. I find that shooting weddings is akin to sports photography. Start by being in the right place. Then constantly keep looking around.

- Norm Levin

Thank you Nick. I appreciate you taking the extra effort to get this to me. I have a few weddings booked this year and it is great to have a check list to make sure I don't forget anything.

- Deanna

this is Russell. Thanks for the link for the book. By the info in the contents, it looks like a great book and I think just what I've been looking for. It's 62 pages so after I get through it, I'll get back with you.

- Russell

I’ve helped tens of start-up and beginners photograph either improve their skills, get more clients or both. And I know that some of them will be national known talents very soon, because they’ve shown great potential.

“Plus, you’ll get a Complete Wedding Photography Package … Risk Free!”

All the tips and techniques you’ve just discovered are only the tip of the iceberg. When you’ll open your Digital Wedding Photography package, you’ll found inside six modules and two special bonuses, not found anywhere before.

And maybe the most important trait of this program is that it won’t transform photographing into a science. It will remain an art, an expression of something beautiful and you will act like it. But just like painting the Mona List required skills, so will you need to learn the skills to take beautiful wedding photos.

Sounds good enough? If yes, then let me give to you the


A great wedding photography business just the way you like it … 100% functional, in the fastest amount of time possible. .

It All Starts With My
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Learn how to grow your business like professionals do and get the lifestyle you have always wanted.

And so much more...
We Added The Complete List Of
Wedding Poses
This full, detailed guide outlines over 75 poses that you must take on wedding day.

You get a complete checklist outlining poses you must take for each part of the day that make this plan idiot proof!  

And it covers every pose that the bride can ask for in her album.

This checklist is designed for you to print and take to the wedding ceremony with you.

This checklist makes taking photographs as easy as checking the tickboxes!

You stay fully organized with a detailed layout as the wedding day progresses. You won't need to worry about devising your own list of photographs to take, everything you need is right here!
You Also Get Wedding
Photography Business Agreements
Learn the exact details of how to prepare wedding photography agreements. I have included 8 forms and worksheets (in PDF and Excel files) you'll need to get going straight away, valued at $39. I have saved you the time of creating these yourself so you can spend your time on working your business rather than doing administration.

You'll have a quick start, with...
  • The exact wedding photography contract you should have your clients signed
  • An exact Extended Time Agreement that will bring you extra revenue as well as save you a lot of hassles
  • Wedding Booked Thank You Letter, most amateur wedding photographers don't even think about this highly effective piece of communication.
  • A polite deposit reminder so that your payment is made on time
  • Sample invoice so that you don't have to worry about how to prepare one for your first client

You can use these agreements by just changing the name and address or you can use them as a template for your own agreements..
And The Wedding Photography
Business Checklists
These 5 printable checklists can save you a lot of emabarassment and loss lest you forget something.

You'll know all your initial business expenses and if you have missed anything.

You'll have a prewedding checklist so that you know that you are fully prepared for the event

You'll have an equipment checklist so that you don't forget anything

You'll have a checklist of all those things you must carry in your car to the wedding ceremony

You'll have a checklist of sites you must be on to generate new business
And Over 10 Specially Designed
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Start your own wedding photography business website for FREE
We are providing you over 10 professionally designed photography website templates

You'll get 10 fully ready website templates. These websites are designed for weddding photographers, and have all features like galleries, contact us form!

Your start getting visitors to your traffic. These templates are highly optimized for search engine rankings!

I'll even give you the entire instructions on setting up these websites. This way you won't have to learn all the technical details.  

You can even ask us by email and we will set your business name and images on the website.

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Exclusive Wedding Photography ...
Business Plans





Yes... this business plan is what you need to be successful. Around 3 years ago, I was sitting with my business mentor Brian, and discussing my business growth with him. Brian, asked me a simple question - do you have a business plan?

Well... I was dumbfounded. It didn't took me long to realize that I was missing something. What came next was over a four hour of intense brain storming session and we came up with our business plan. We have refined it over last 3 years and it has got way better.

These are two crucial documents highlighting over 30 points that you must consider... This business action plan can make or break your business. It will show you how well prepared you are and will help you instantly answer the most important questions regarding your business.

Website Setup Support

I know a lot us hate any technical work and setting up a website can be a daunting task. So I have arranged for setting up your website.

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But that doesn't mean in a few months... or next year I won't discover some incredible new technique... or advertising idea... or that I won't be able to speed up this already lightning-fast method.

And when that happens... You'll be instantly notified with the updates.  

Imagine an army with weapons that upgrade themselves. You now have those weapons!

Let Me Take All The Risk From You … So You Can Sleep Better At Night.

Take 60 days to fully test this system out. Read it, take notes, apply it, share your ideas with friends and put it into action. That’s 2 months of testing, where you could try everything available in it without even breaking a sweat.

Just imagine how your life will be after these 60 days. You’ll run a successful wedding photography business, you’ll probably have clients coming in daily, and you’ll travel across the country and be treated like an honored guest everywhere you go. And on the top of that, you’ll make thousands of dollars with ease … even if you haven’t charged a dime before.

You’ll recover the price of this cost in the first 10 minutes in which you are paid … and you’ll cover it by hundreds of times by when the three months are over.

Plus, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason (any reason at all), you want to quit this idea or you just feel that this is too advanced / easy for you, you won’t be out of a single dollar. Just mail me, delete the course from your computer with any copies you may have made and I’ll refund your entire payment. Up to the 60th day.

Do You Have Enough Courage To Become What You Want In Life?

Getting started is a piece of cake. The cost of this amazing program is just $49. This means what … A McDonald dinner for two? Two DVD movies from which you’ll get no value?

This price of only $49 includes my 190 page manual for perfect wedding photography every time and running a successful business complete with marketing techniques, legal info, methods on selling on your customers and far, far more. You’ll also get my 6 special bonuses which will help you not forget anything at a wedding or when closing a deal + the business plan which will be the basis for your future famous photography business.

On the top of that, you’ll also get your own website hosted on your server, with 10 templates to boot, 24/7 customer support and free lifetime updates so you’ll get something new as soon as it’s released.

Now, even if the price is very, very reasonable and you’ll get your money back in the first 10 minutes of a new photography gig, this is not really important. What’s really important is that you can’t get from where you are to where you want to be doing the same things again and again. You need a mindset shift, you need new tools, you need for a better vehicle and Digital Wedding Secrets it’s exactly that vehicle.

If this would be just another guide on wedding poses and common knowledge techniques, then no price what you would pay would be good. It would just leave you broke, hopeless and with a few mad customers behind.

But if you can know with certainty that you’ll get every photo right … you can sell on almost every client … you can charge higher fees … you can pick the right camera … and you will be known as a more than great photographer, how much would that be worth to you?

I can’t put an exact figure on that, only you can. But Digital Wedding Secrets can do it for you and it’s only $49, probably the best bargain in your life.

To start, please click the ORDER NOW button below and you’ll be taken to a secure Click Bank page. There, after submitting your Credit Card details (CB is the most secure and best known digital retailer online, so your CC is safe), and made your pay, you’ll get a link to download Digital Wedding Secrets.

I suggest you start with the main book and read it from page one. After you’ve read it entirely, you can use it as an encyclopedia and just focus on the areas of interest for you. Also, you’ll soon be contacted by my staff for setting up your website online.

So don’t wait one more second and order now, you owe it to yourself!

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Nick Smith

Wedding Photographer, Creator Of Digital Wedding Secrets

price offer was phenomenal value for money...

Thanks ever so much for the tutorial offer. I was very impressed with your package deal. The price offer was phenomenal value for money.
Thanks a million. I appreciate your time , effort and kind consideration.

- Amien Gassiep

P.S. # 1 - If hesitations about buying pricey equipments have made you nervous, forget what the ‘old-timers‘ say…you DON‘T need to spend thousands -- or even hundreds -- of dollars on overpriced equipments to produce portraits and photos that would leave even veteran photographers SPEECHLESS!!

P.S. # 2 - Every year, thousands of wet-behind-the-ears amateur photographers get EVERYTHING right -- from equipments to techniques -- but most of them still fail miserably…and that‘s because they don‘t have the combination of my exclusive ‘Success Safe‘ packed with the business and networking tactics essential for the business of wedding photography…but you will!

P.S. # 3 - It would be dishonest of me to not bring to your attention this very imminent issue. You see, in my book, I have bulldozed all the ‘barriers to entry‘ that have walled-off this lucrative, fulfilling field to thousands of eager newcomers…do you think the fat-cat ‘professionals‘ and their mega-powerful organizations are just going to sit and watch while I tear down the establishment? JUMP ON BOARD WHILE YOU STILL CAN!”

P.S. # 4 - You can quit at anytime in the two months, for whatever reason… actually you don't even need a reason, you can just cancel and ask for a refund and I'll give it to you. I'm THAT confident that this will work for you, and that you won't think twice about why you joined! I don’t want you locked into something that you don’t feel will be the best thing for your wedding photography business. If it's not for you, contact our 24 hour support department asking for a refund. You risk nothing in giving it a try today... ”

I thank you for your hard work

Hi this is farzin youabian, Thank you for your email well I have to learn the head shot first I have had a lot of shots before ,I write and direct my own screenplay ,But I would like to get in to this business as well I thank you for your hard work

- Farzin Youabian, a writer and Director

..the teaching on the Photoshop to me is a big bonus..

The book is great, it is well researched, the teaching on the Photoshop to me is a big bonus, if one follow what was in the book ,one can not but be a great wedding photographer.

- Anthony

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